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By admin, posted on November 2, 2017

No Surprises Trade Show™ Solutions

Grow Revenue and Customer Engagement

Don’t settle for a lackluster trade show program!

Boost sales and strengthen Brand loyalty with Image 4’s revenue-generating 3D experiences for trade shows. We work with you to optimize your physical presentation for face-to-face marketing success. Reach your goals quickly and more efficiently with our design thinking, outcome focused approach. Serving Metro Boston, New England and beyond!

Two No Surprises Trade Show™ Solutions

If you’re looking for the complete package, Image 4 No Surprises Trade Show™ solutions provide it all. Stunning results deliver compelling ROI and help save you time and money by providing everything you need under one roof. Choose to own or rent:

  • No Surprises Trade Show™: Ownership SolutionA complete, integrated ownership package, that provides everything you need for a successful show. With Image 4 exhibit ownership you can expect a display built to museum-quality standards that will create a memorable Brand experience to maximize Brand value.
  • No Surprises Trade Show™: Rental SolutionA complete, integrated rental package that delivers the results you want at the price you need. We provide Kit (DIY, portable) or Built-to-Order rentals (start-to-finish package) customized for your specific use. With Image 4 exhibit rental your display is always fresh, impeccably maintained, and appropriate for the space you have selected.

A la Carte Trade Show Event & Marketing Services

Our à la carte trade show services provide you with customized support at every step of the process. Choose one or more to maximize your program success!

  • Trade Show MarketingIncludes pre-show marketing and on-site services as well as post-event follow-up and review. We provide the logistical expertise and capture the metrics that will drive visitors and help improve the ROI of your face-to-face marketing.
  • Exhibit Design and Fabrication. Our award-winning, comprehensive design services bring together experiential, dimensional, and communication designers to deliver a complete real world experience that can quickly come to life in our in-house fabrication shop.
  • Installation & DismantlingImage 4’s install team will coordinate and manage the nuts and bolts of your Image 4 trade show exhibit installation, building your exhibit from the ground up (including graphic and structural install.) We take care of freight/shipping, exhibit set-up, dismantling, and logistics.
  • Exhibit Asset Management. Manage and store exhibit assets created by Image 4 or elsewhere. Image 4 helps clients efficiently manage and use their assets before and after a trade show is up and running.
  • Event Suite Software. Simplify management of all your events with our easy to use, optional cloud-based portal. With Image 4’s Event Suite software you can easily manage inventory in multiple locations, and capture information to calculate every event ROI.

The Image 4 Advantage

Logistical Expertise, No Surprises. By taking advantage of our complete package solutions for trade show ownership or rental, you can rest easy knowing you will get white glove service and a smooth roll-out. We work in every state and many different countries so our staff knows how to get your project through potential red tape while working effectively with show labor, site managers, freight companies and customs.

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Client Success Story

CASA Systems. Boston area IT Systems manufacturer CASA Systems needed a rapid, cost-effective, and high-end exhibit design project to deploy at their major industry conference. CASA chose to purchase the exhibit as part of a ten-year investment in high-visibility marketing.

Image 4 designed, fabricated, implemented graphics and technology presentation for this complex 40 x 60 exhibit environment. CASA and Image 4 staff installed the exhibit in Denver over three days – integrating a full server/network/monitor/IT suite, air conditioned conference rooms, demo stations and high visibility structure.

When the show ended, Image 4 packed the exhibit and along with other client exhibit assets entered them into our storage system. Cleaning and light refurbishment makes the exhibit “Release-Ready" for future marketing and sales events.

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