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We've just experienced a different Memorial Day weekend, and across the United States, communities are opening up and creating the “new normal”. For the immediately foreseeable future, we will, in some form, embrace a set of behaviors that allow a return to social and commercial interaction.

No matter how this evolves, I doubt there’s a businessperson among us who fails to understand the depth of the recession we are facing. Even with stimulus, phased-openings, and pent up demand, there are large sectors of our economy – both here and around the world – that will end up dramatically smaller.

So where will your company be in December?

Dead? Zombie on life support in a changing industry? Or running ahead in the marathon that will become the new normal?

In some cases, your company may have no alternative – for instance, retail is already shrinking dramatically, pressed between Amazon, Walmart and a general over-supply of product offerings in the face of an...

The COVID-19 is not only an immense health crisis--it’s also an imminent restructuring of the global economy, but leaders can begin navigating beyond the coronavirus crisis.

Source: www.mckinsey.com

Consultancy McKinsey presents this excellent overview on how to think about moving into the economic and social New Normal.

According to a new IBM Institute for Business Value survey, 75% of respondents said they would not be attending any trade shows and business conferences that will be held this year.

Source: westfaironline.com

As it becomes clear that the value of trade shows is limited through 2020, many of our clients are asking us to design small, “curated” and “executive” events where attendees feel safer and more valued.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted how people bank, how payments are made and the importance of community commitment.

Source: thefinancialbrand.com

The pandemic has accelerated the shifts to digital banking by 24-36 months. Branch networks will be smaller, yet even more important to community banks and credit unions as the most effective brand presentation and problem-solving platform.

In recent years decision makers in both the public and private sectors have made an astounding number of poor calls. For example, the decisions to invade Iraq, not to comply with global warming treaties, to ignore Darfur, are all likely to be recorded as injudicious in history books. And how about the decisions to invest […]

Source: hbr.org

Excellent decision-making will help your company “bend the curve” toward success trough the coming recession and business sea-change. Harvard Business Review offers an excellent library of articles on decision-making.

Retailers that spent years trying to get customers to linger are reimagining their stores for a grab-and-go future to make shopping faster, easier and safer amid long-term shifts in consumer expectations and habits.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Success in retail is now more than ever omni-channel. The in-store experience will become more special, less “commodity” and will involve less inventory, more “showrooming” and personal attention.

NHBSR conference logo

For the 15th year, Image 4 is pleased to co-sponsor NHBSR’s Sustainability Conference – this time in a COVID-sensitive virtual format. This one-week long, online conference features large-scale web-based presentations by local practice experts and nationally recognized experts. From June 1...

When you look back at recent history, one can make an argument that, since 9/11, there has been a growing awareness of the breakdown of this country’s traditional institutions.

In just 20 years, our society has experienced:

  • The first attack on the US since 1814
  • The collapse of emergency preparedness after Hurricane Katrina
  • The mass loss of housing after Hurricane Sandy
  • The near-collapse of our banking system in 2008
  • The 11-year...

Some retail Chapter 11s are on pause, with store liquidations effectively impossible. But a "wave" of bankruptcies is coming, experts say.

A majority of healthcare marketers say they’re decreasing promotional budgets this year in response to coronavirus, as they intensify use of digital but brace for an impact on drug launches.

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