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To all Image 4 Clients, Partners and Prospects,

I’m sure that you and your organizations are adjusting priorities and plans right now,  given the declaration of a pandemic and travel restrictions. As CEO and a leader of 18 staff, my priority is their health and the health of the organization I founded 33 years ago.

My secondary focus is to help our clients navigate what inevitably will be choppy economic waters. We are - and will continue to be - here as your reliable marketing partner, ready to help conceive, design and implement whatever communications, outreach and initiatives your companies decide appropriate.

How We Are Preparing

Image 4 has completed a health and safety training program for all our staff - particularly our onsite install staff. We intend to be aware of, and sensitive to, all our clients’ safety protocols. We have communicated safe interaction thresholds around personal health.

You can be assured that Image 4 installers...

As the winter reluctantly releases its hold on most of the US, the sales season is off to a fast and full start. From the giant CES to smaller regional shows and local sponsorship events, to new outlet builds, our clients are definitely committed to business development activities.

Already we are hearing some trends: more manufacturers are running at higher capacity and are struggling to fill open production staff positions. Financial service clients are deeply committed to an integrated...

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A trade show is an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses, and a way of engaging with customers, generating leads and raising brand awareness. However, success depends on you making an impression and attracting the right kind of...

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How do you maximize your ROI at trade shows and events? In order to attract the right customers in a sea of competition, it pays to have a strategy to attract and engage your targets. The right strategy is key to getting the best return on your investment.
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Almost overnight, Google turned marketing upside down. Here's what financial marketers have to say about the powerful search...

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Gone are the days when financial institutions can rely solely on print and media advertisements to draw in new customers. The evolution of SEO, social and paid digital advertising, ala Google Ads, is forcing marketers everywhere to learn a new way to attract consumers.
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Designing a healthcare environment that promotes wellness and healing—while generating a sense of community...

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Designing for human experience is key to the success of any business, but especially in the highly emotional world of healthcare. Healthcare facilities that use the unique culture of the community to inspire design, have patients who are less anxious, happier, and have a higher level of satisfaction with their care.
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RH banks on its aspirational lifestyle as furniture retailers like Pier 1, Macy's struggle to...

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Retailers are downsizing and right-sizing traditional locations due to pressure from online shopping. The re-vamped RH brand has grown. The brand focuses on the “aspirational” values of consumers, and everyone from celebrities to the average consumer is taking notice.
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Look at ways in your workplace design to support productivity, employee wellness, and sustainability in order to future-proof your office...

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Productivity is essential to compete in a global market. To enhance productivity and employee satisfaction, workplace design must evolve to support collaboration, improve employee well-being, and create environmentally sustainable offices.


February 10,2020

Image 4 is honored to be nominated as a finalist for the NHBSR Sustainability Awards. We are pleased to be recognized, along with other of New Hampshire’s top companies, for our efforts in building a corporation that supports the sustainability of our business, staff members community.

Image 4 is...

For any trade show, budgeting can be a challenge; however, it is a critical aspect of a successful show. First, it helps align everyone’s expectations around costs and potential value. Second, it’s a baseline for analyzing success. Budgeting is a lot easier to do if you start far enough in advance and to help you do that, here’s a basic checklist to get you started. This includes all of the most common expenses for a sales development event of any size. Keep in mind that not all of the...

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We often talk about the fast pace of change in healthcare architecture. Both on the facility design and clinical side, change is...

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Patient experience practices and standards change quickly—but the trends themselves don’t. Over the last 30 years, trends in patient experience have remained consistent, and healthcare providers have continued to chip away at realizing the end goals those trends represent. The PlaneTree model is one great example, adopted increasingly since the 1980s. Another is the architectural focus on Evidence-Based Design, which guides new construction and renovation toward an environment that reduces inpatient time and promotes better outcomes. The national effort to decrease Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) is another crucial trend that hasn’t changed, and in the future, even more healthcare facilities will implement design and construction practices that improve patients’ safety. Dive into a more in-depth discussion of these trends at the link.
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