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This article presents the views of several faculty members of the Harvard Business School and provides some interesting glimpses into how we might move forward. The ongoing questions of “if”, “when” and “how” employees will go back into the physical office remain open. But they do answer a couple of questions quite definitively: NO, employees will not rush back into the office, and NO, virtual meetings will not go away any time soon. So how can business leaders create a new work world that will keep employees both happy and productive post-COVID? Read more.

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Imagine: trade shows, business events and conferences attracted more than 1Billion visitors a year pre-Covid! While we may not get back to those levels any time soon (if ever), the trend is looking positive as people are eager to reconnect with clients, colleagues, vendors, and friends they’ve missed for the past two years. However, organizers now know that holding some aspects of the event virtually is not only possible, but also prudent, as health concerns remain and some countries are still (or again) in lockdown. But, as one contributor put it, “The actual art of human interaction has to happen in person.” Read on for how event organizers are adapting to the post-Covid normal as in-person visitors return in increasing numbers.

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Everyone wants to know what happens next and while no-one has all the answers, it can be helpful to turn to industry experts to help chart the course. While some of these ideas are not new, they are worth revisiting, as retailers around the country are poised to come back stronger than ever in 2022. The importance of valuing the employee became a central issue during the pandemic and will continue to be a focus. Addressing the issue of climate change through sustainability efforts is another area where retailers will have to step up. From supply chain improvements, to omni-channel, to the ongoing importance of experiential retail, here are some trends to watch for in the year ahead.

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As our world slowly begins to open up, bank and credit union branches will have a new role to fill: offering vibrant, safe spaces that encourage and support the community. Many people have endured financial or economic hardship as a result of the pandemic and will look to their financial institutions for the support they need to get back on their feet. While digital offerings fulfill the need for convenience, the branch is an opportunity to provide the reassurance of personal contact and face-to-face consultations. This focus on community-oriented support and services is the new lens through which institutions will begin to look at their underlying purpose. If the branch is the “face of the institution” as they say, it might be time for a facelift! Read on to learn about the new role of the branch and for some great examples of Lifestyle Banking from around the world.

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The economy is recovering and clients across the spectrum are focusing on powering out of the recession. Particularly in the Boston-Metro area, commercial interiors and financial services projects are lined up through mid-2022. Although some travel and gathering restrictions may be in place in some areas of the country and world, a good portion of our corporate marketing clients are making plans for face-to-face sales at trade shows and events from September forward.

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As companies return to face-to-face sales development, Trade Show marketing is part of the mix. However, the cost increases throughout the support industries are threatening the industry as a whole, and skewing corporate ROI metrics for shows. This article reveals some of the “behind the scenes” costs and issues Trade Show Marketers have faced and will need to address in 2022.

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Many of our clients made physical and operational changes to their workplace to accommodate health/wellness of staff. As we return to work, those changes and cultural modifications will be a critical asset in attracting, retaining and engaging your team.

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The industry’s consolidation rate has held steady at about 3.5% a year for the past 40 years, but institutions under $1 billion “don’t want to be the one big credit union that doesn’t get called up to do a merger" because now they’re competing against an $8 billion-asset credit union. Image 4 delivers strategic Brand support from rebrand to rollout, accelerating in-market acceptance through the Branch channel.

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According to the National Retail Federation, retailers can look forward to a rebounding second half of 2021, and continued strength through 2022. Image 4 sees targeted retail – Pop-up shops, shop-in-shops and event-based shops – as a revenue driver and Brand solidifier.

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The in-store experience, from design to goods to service, has been in decline for a decade. Yet the in-shop Experience is what consumers are seeking now.

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