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Techno Files: Part One – EXHIBITOR magazine

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New technologies are transforming the way companies exhibit and connect with attendees. Learn what role augmented reality, chatbots, and biometrics are playing in the twenty-first century trade show landscape.

Article Excerpt:

The first installment of our three-part series on tech tools explores Near Field Communication, tablet PCs, and Radio Frequency Identification.

Becoming a ‘Digital Bank’ More Than Lipstick on a Legacy Pig

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When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, banks can’t just pay lip service to digital services. An overhaul of tech infrastructure, legacy processes and internal culture are a must.

Article Excerpt:

Digital transformation in banking is impossible if you don’t overhaul your technology core, change back-office processes, and embrace data analytics.

Convergence Point: Senior Acute Care Design For Hospitals

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Each day, more than 10,000 individuals hit the age of 65. These baby boomers are redefining the face of senior living and health care. How can owners and project managers better identify appropriate, senior-friendly designs that will ensure hospital settings are primed for baby boomers’ arrival?

Article Excerpt:

With more patients age 65 and older arriving at hospitals each day, senior living solutions are finding a place in the acute care sector.

Busch Celebrates its Roots in Racing With a NASCAR Tour

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Busch bet big with its return as the official beer of NASCAR, offering 250 fans (and their plus ones) a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Daytona 500. Event activation included memorabilia, a full bar, shooting gallery, and custom racing posters. The company excels at building brand loyalty by keying into the interests and desires of their loyal customers.

Article Excerpt:

With a new multi-year NASCAR partnership underway, Busch is eager to continue building brand loyalty and making connections with the racing community.

Deceptive Marketing – EXHIBITOR magazine

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As a relative newcomer in the industry with a meager budget, Attivo Networks Inc. was a true underdog going into Black Hat USA 2017, an information and digital security conference in Las Vegas. When they decided to turn deception into a fun,creative, and honest way to engage prospects, they won big.  

Article Excerpt:

Attivo Networks Inc. takes a bold new approach to exhibiting by deceiving attendees, ultimately netting seven times as many leads as it had the previous year.

5 New Consumer Segments Banks and Credit Unions May Be Ignoring

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Millennials. Gen X. Gen Z. Baby Boomers. Many financial marketers only see consumers through this limited generational lens. But if everyone uses the same basic demographic model, no one will have a competitive advantage. To grow and retain more relationships than the bank down the street, you’ll need to use behavioral segmentation and personalize every aspect of your experience — starting with marketing.

Article Excerpt:

Using new behavioral segmentation models, banks and credit unions can grow more relationships, steal market share from megabanks, and maximize their marketing ROI.

Lead the Change: NHBSR Conference Convenes Companies with an Eye to the Future

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan visited with over 300 business and non-profit leaders at the 2018 NHBSR Spring Conference.

Image 4 had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending the 17th Annual New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility Conference (NHBSR) in Concord this month. It’s a unique opportunity to come together with like-minded businesses and keep an towards a more sustainable future, together.

This year, New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan visited with over 300 business and non-profit leaders in Concord. Her presentation reminded every attendee that there is tremendous power in the business community gathering to move forward initiatives. She reflected on the difficult situation in Washington, and encouraged us to make major changes at the local and State level to better our employees, communities and businesses.

We welcomed her message and certainly look forward to putting it into practice every day at Image 4. Here are just a few reasons we love partnering with NHBSR:

NHBSR Helps Businesses Stay Balanced

  • The annual conference is a hive of networking, collaborating, and learning with over 200 organizational & business professionals who are leading the charge for sustainability throughout the state of New Hampshire.
  • The sector-specific sessions keep everyone focused on the micro- and macro- level when it comes to corporate social responsibility.
  • It’s not just once-a-year lip-service. NHBSR is a constant advocate for sustainable and socially-responsible business practices throughout the year. The association is a powerful convener and facilitator of businesses and individuals who are looking for education and support in running their businesses with an eye to balancing people, principles and profits.

Why We Partner with NHBSR

  • Social responsibility in business is an integral part of how Image 4 does business.
  • We strive to operate a business in which people, principles and profits are balanced and supportive goals.
  • There’s great strength in collaboration and connection. Efforts to bolster the resiliency, vibrancy, and prosperity of our communities and world are vital to us all.

Learn more:

Image 4 Welcomes Doug Bews to the Team

Last month, Image 4 welcomed Doug Bews to the team. Doug brings a wealth of experience to his role as Pre-flight Specialist and Print Department Quality Control. For many years Doug owned his own design shop in New Jersey, servicing New York retail and corporate brands with high-quality print and design. (more…)

An Ingenious Museum Design That Turns Visitors Into Creators

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How can museums “break the fourth wall” and get past their reputation for rigid glass casing and ‘Please Don’t Touch’ signs? The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York is making its case for new audiences by introducing a range of interactive technologies that lets visitors engage with the museum’s collection in a totally novel way.

Article Excerpt:

A range of new interactive technologies by Local Projects that will let visitors engage with the National Design Museum in a totally novel way.