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Over 150 event planners & attendees will provide insight for event professionals in APAC MEA in this report to help them with ‘new normal’ of the meetings and events industry.

Source: www.cvent.com

Face-to-face marketing will return as we are able to travel and lodge safely. Virtual trade show attendance is very thin, sponsors are failing to deliver audience counts and thus value to exhibitors, and scheduling, timing and content has been poorly developed overall.

We believe a pivot to “curated events” in a hybrid-digital/in-person format is the workable future model. Sponsorship, attendance and promotional costs all must come down as the value-deliverable is not there for density, duration or quality of the engagement.

This month’s newsletter and blog are all about Moving Forward.

All of the content is aimed at sharing insights from expert resources on how each of Image 4’s customer’s verticals are Moving Forward – gathering and parsing data, developing road maps to return to growth and taking advantage of developing opportunities.

From sales development via online tools to hybrid workplaces and curated retail experiences, industry changes that were already developing are accelerating. Even in our...

As much of the country finds a way to get back to work, we are all learning new ways to interact with our neighbors, colleagues, and environment. No matter your political beliefs, the fact is that this health risk will be with us for at least 9 more months, and is probably not the last event of this sort that will affect our living and working environments.

One of the really fulfilling things about being a Design firm that creates Environments is that Image 4 is having an immediate and direct...

Traditional and direct financial institutions do well with websites and mobile apps but other factors impact loyalty and revenue far more.

Source: thefinancialbrand.com

With more customers using mobile banking services than ever before, financial institutions find connecting with customers more challenging. Emotion – feeling respected, appreciated, and valued – is a key driver of customer loyalty and revenue in banking.

Eventually we will have to go back to our offices. But how will work… work?

Source: www.fastcompany.com

Workers will undoubtedly need to return to our offices in the not-so-distant future, but how will it work? Commercial real estate company Cushman & Wakefield shares insights from its experience with getting Chinese companies back to work and thoughts on how these change may or may now work here.

Experiential retailer Camp is slowly getting back to business, but the company is taking a new approach to immersive retail.

Source: chainstoreage.com

Retailers everywhere will need to think outside the box to find ways for customers to safely interact with their brands. Learn how experiential brand Camp is updating the in-store and virtual experience without compromising the Brand.

We've made it through another month of intense change.  Image 4, along with many of our clients, is transitioning from a Reactive posture to some level of Proactive movement. Universally, we see senior management across all of our clients working to adjust business process, respond to supply-chain challenges, move marketing and sales to a hybrid on-line and distributed model, and working to welcome back both staff and customers safely.

Like us, many of our manufacturing clients continued to...

As retail stores begin to reopen post-COVID-19, retail executives should keep in mind key considerations from a customer, associate, store, and operational perspective.

Source: www2.deloitte.com

Some insights to the challenges and opportunities faced by retailers as we re-open post-Covid. Omni-channel and integration are key concepts.

The most forward-looking healthcare providers may use this time preparing for the new normal and materially scale virtual health offerings in ways that create competitive advantage.

Source: www.mckinsey.com

In this excellent report from McKinsey Consultancy, the changes in healthcare – as a practice and a place – are laid out post-Covid.