We’re Back in the Saddle!

Image 4 has just returned from our first major trade show event in 24 months - 2 years ago to the week. Since our business is about helping our clients market face-to-face, this was truly a seminal event.

Long and short, yes, its’ different, but face-to-face marketing and sales is still the single best way to introduce yourself and make connections that develop into projects. And as Image 4 has always preached, it’s about quality prospects rather than the quantity. Attendees were prepared to make decisions and to execute contracts right there or within a few weeks.

Nothing on the web delivers the ability to interrogate, peel back the onion, and really explore both opportunities and requirements the way a person-to-person interaction allows. We are humans seeking to use human functions and emotions to create relationships. Above all, we need to trust. Trust and credibility is generated by human interaction as well as references and 5-star reviews.

Our event happened to be...

Bringing Back Face to Face Marketing

The economy is recovering and clients across the spectrum are focusing on powering out of the recession. Particularly in the Boston-Metro area, commercial interiors and financial services projects are lined up through mid-2022. Although some travel and gathering restrictions may be in place in some areas of the country and world, a good portion of our corporate marketing clients are making plans for face-to-face sales at trade shows and events from September forward.

Image 4 is fortunate to have weathered the economic retrenchment quite well – many of our projects and marketing relationships are longer term and continued on as we worked through the various Covid wellness approaches. Our amazing team is still here and we are hiring to accommodate supporting our Commercial Interiors, Financial Services and Brand Environment clients across the country.

The marketing landscape has changed. Amazon’s hold on retail has expanded, on-line marketing and direct-to-consumer sales has...