“May you live in interesting times”…

By Jeff Baker, posted on February 25, 2022

Jeff Baker chairs Future Branches

“May you live in interesting times”…the traditional Chinese curse. And times certainly have gotten more interesting as we watch Russia attempt to re-write the post-WWII order.

For marketers, it means a new level of uncertainty. Covid may be evolving to a point where we can societally manage the risk of infection. Tradeshows and Events had begun to come back Face-to-Face, corporate growth and corporate and banking earnings looked good even in spite of inflation – particularly of input materials for exhibits and interiors.

We marketing professionals are used to uncertainty and the need to change. As our companies evolve, launch new products, as consumer tastes change and technology adjusts how we source, buy, and interact, marketers have always adjusted strategy and grown to meet the challenges.

Research from the past few years shows that customers are more thoughtful than ever of your company’s reputation, listing safety (of personal information and user safety) and integrity as the top two factors in choosing a supplier or product. This is across our markets – finance, consumer products, software and education.

In times of uncertainty, presenting Your Authentic Brand® differentiates and defines your company and products. Authentic connection with your customers sets the framework for the trusting relationship we all want from our customers. And the experience you create for your customers’ interaction with your Brand is key to developing Brand Advocates, those customers for life we all want.

Image 4 is uniquely qualified to help your organization explore, discover and present Your Authentic Brand®. We’re ready to help bring more certainty to your positioning, marketing communications and Brand presentation. Let us know how we can help in the uncertain and changing time we’re facing.

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