We’re Back in the Saddle!

By Jeff Baker, posted on December 14, 2021

Jeff Baker, CEO Image 4, Chair, Future Branches

Image 4 has just returned from our first major trade show event in 24 months – 2 years ago to the week. Since our business is about helping our clients market face-to-face, this was truly a seminal event.

Long and short, yes, its’ different, but face-to-face marketing and sales is still the single best way to introduce yourself and make connections that develop into projects. And as Image 4 has always preached, it’s about quality prospects rather than the quantity. Attendees were prepared to make decisions and to execute contracts right there or within a few weeks.

Nothing on the web delivers the ability to interrogate, peel back the onion, and really explore both opportunities and requirements the way a person-to-person interaction allows. We are humans seeking to use human functions and emotions to create relationships. Above all, we need to trust. Trust and credibility is generated by human interaction as well as references and 5-star reviews.

Our event happened to be a conference on the future of the bank branch in a digital-forward world. A consistent theme through the keynote, round tables and presentations was that customers still look for human guidance when things are confusing or complex – the bank branch will be smaller and configured differently, and they will be in different locations as demographics change, but in-branch banking is here for the long term.

Image 4 has been fortunate to thrive this past year as our corporate and banking clients recovered from the shut-downs and we all learned a new way of working together. Now our trade show and event clients are looking to return to developing opportunities in a face-to-face environment as well. Business, now more than ever, is “About the Experience”.

Let us know how we can design and deliver your Brand Experience.

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