What’s the Best Floor Location for my Trade Show Exhibit?

By Image4 Marketing, posted on April 29, 2024

What's the Best Floor Location for my Trade Show Exhibit

As exhibit professionals, we hear frequently from our trade show and event clients the question,”what’s the best floor location for my trade show exhibit?”

It’s a great question and the answer varies. But first, let’s take a look at human behavior.

First, when we enter a space, we tend to look side-to-side, and then move forward in some fashion. If there’s a large aisle in front of us with few obstructions, we tend to move down that aisle. That’s the reason why most people desire to get a spot on the center aisle. Often though, there’s a very large exhibit in the way – after all, the major brand has paid a LOT of money for that prime location. Because of the obstacles, we tend to default back to looking and moving side to side.

We’re all programmed to move to our right (even the lefties.) Do you ever notice how you walk in a crowd? Face right, pass left. So when your prospect enters the show floor, the inclination is to naturally move right. How far? That’s hard to say. If there’s a known exhibitor, they prospect will move through the aisle until they arrive at a known destination. Alternatively, they may choose to wander and discover new companies and products.

Here’s a warning – locations next to the restroom, bar and food dispensing tables are generally bad. Why? People typically have one specific thing on their mind at that point and won’t interrupt the immediate mission. It’s better to find a spot near a sit-down eating area, or near a networking/social area where visitors have “free” time to view you.

We’re all attracted to motion and light; it’s primal programming. A brightly lit exhibit will draw visitors faster compared to one that isn’t. A rotating hanging banner usually delivers the same result. Even in a sub-optimal location, thoughtful design can solve the “What’s the Best Floor Location for my Trade Show Exhibit?” conundrum.

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