Five Trends That Will Revolutionize Trade Show Marketing in 2019

By Image 4, posted on May 16, 2019

Exhibiting is a great way to engage an audience, and advancing technology means the landscape of trade shows changes with each passing year. Marketers have more tools at their disposal to engage their targets. Here are some emerging trends that are revolutionizing trade shows that marketers need to be aware of.

Image 4's Insight

It's long been understood that participating in trade shows is a highly effective way to engage with your audience and efficiently increase lead generation for your salesforce. Each year brings new ideas and cutting-edge tactics to entice customers into your booth so you can make the most of these face-to-face opportunities. In order to take full advantage of human-centric design principles, consider appealing to all five senses, not just the traditional “Sight and Sound.” What about Smell? Touch? Taste? And the most recent trend around “Comfort”? Imagine luring trade show visitors to your booth with the promise of a comfy chair to rest in while they charge their phone!

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