Image 4 named Brand Design Firm for Milford Federal S&L Association

Image 4 Financial Branding will provide an integrated program of creative content, brand and merchandising design, digital content and apps to one of Massachusetts' oldest mutual associations.

"Milford Federal has a great history and a strong relationship with their communities" commented Jeff Baker, President of Image 4, "The environmental branding team at Image 4 is very excited to engage with Milford Federal's team in the foundational work to refresh, refine and present the value of this brand"

Milford Federal's brand and branch update program will begin with the Main office, and will deploy throughout the network in 2017.


About Milford Federal

Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association is a mutual community-oriented thrift. We are committed to providing quality service, encouraging savings, and providing home ownership and other family financial products in the markets of our branches.

Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association offers a full line of services to the community, including all types of savings accounts and certificates, checking accounts, home mortgages and consumer loans. We specialize in owner-occupied home mortgages and remain committed to offering good, sound financial products to residents in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Northern Connecticut.

Milford Federal’s history of exceptional customer service makes us one of the area’s most popular banks. Just ask one of our customers.We believe in the importance of being a good corporate citizen and are committed to continually seeking out new ways in which to demonstrate that responsibility, throughout the communities we serve.

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About Image 4

It's About the Experience(sm)

Headquartered in Manchester, NH, Image 4 is an international-scope, award-winning environmental and experiential design agency. Our integrated culture-brand-marketing approach creates branded, experiential environments that connect with customers, ennervate employees, and enhance business development opportunities.

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