Idling or Accelerating? Either way, keep your Brand and solutions top-of-mind.

By Jeff Baker, posted on February 3, 2021

We’re finally hearing good news on many fronts, from vaccines getting to the right people to a slowing infection and hospitalization rate. Added to a solid manufacturing report and CPI report, the foundations of recovery seem to be in place.

About half our clients are still experiencing major sales pipeline challenges – most notably our manufacturing clients. Our retail clients are either not open and moving to online platforms as fast as possible, or are in locations and markets where face-to-face sales is permissible and practical. There’s not much in between.

Vertical Market Predictions

Image 4 supports clients in a number of vertical markets, generally in face-to-face sales situations. Our data shows that retail clients will be challenged through mid-year. Banking clients are in a holding pattern, mostly because the demand of the PPP program has re-focused marketing and sales efforts. We do see some mergers on the horizon and feel there is pending consolidation in small and mid-size banks that will last for several years.

The market that is struggling is manufacturing. Sales are increasing from existing customers as some reshoring takes place, but very few clients are gaining new customers. The lack of face-to-face sales development has absolutely hurt growth prospects. We feel that once vaccines are broadly distributed, and people become more comfortable with travel, events will return to the sales development mix.

Keep your Brand Top of Mind

So, whether your business is accelerating, or idling and planning for recovery, it’s critical to keep Your Authentic Brand present in your prospects’ minds. All of us are looking for better, faster, safer, and cheaper solutions to accelerate our businesses out of the slump, and marketing presentations and sales conversations need to be more solutions-oriented than ever before.

How Can We Help?

My team and I are experts at distilling and presenting Brand, with authenticity and simplicity. Our Agency staff can help develop content, schedule communications, manage PR and programs online, and help evaluate those results in the context of a multi-channel return to growth.

When you think you need help, please reach out. We’re always happy to learn about your challenges, and we bring 34 years of Brand and Sales Development solutions to the conversation. Let’s all plan for growth in 2021!

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