Big Changes to Fonts and Colors Coming Soon Within Adobe® Creative Cloud

By Image4 Marketing, posted on November 17, 2022

Adobe® is ending the use of type 1 (T1)/postscript (PS1)/multiple master (MM) font by January 2023 and no longer will support use of Pantone Plus Series® after November 2022.

More about Fonts

Many of us loaded fonts into our systems years ago, and probably have not thought much about their details since then. T1 fonts are now almost 30 years old, and the “font metrics” on which they were designed have become outdated – like so many other programs over the years.

Adobe®, the market leader in design software, has decided that it is time for T1 font to be retired by January 2023. If you do not update the font, then Adobe® will make it appear as “missing font.”

If you are using T1/PS1/MM font in your design files, you need to update the font to either OpenType (OTF) or TrueType (TTF), as Adobe® will continue supporting these font types. Design files that have embedded T1 fonts and were saved as a different file type, such as EPS or PDF, will not be affected. This is the same if the font was converted to outlines in any of the software’s suite. Older versions of Creative Cloud® will continue to work with T1/PS1/MM font, however, Adobe Photoshop® v23 and beyond will not.

Best advice is to update the T1/PS1/MM font to either OTF or TTF, because operating systems are also moving towards ending support for the font type. If you would like to find ways to convert your T1/PS1/MM font, please visit here.

Color my World – Just not Pantone® Coated/Uncoated Solids for Now

That solves the font issue, now what about the Pantone Plus Series®? After November 2022, there will only be three color books available/supported: Pantone® + CMYK coated, Pantone® + CMYK uncoated, and Pantone® + Metallic coated.

Creatives who need to use other Pantone® color books must buy a Pantone® Connect license through Adobe® Exchange as a plug-in. If you use another color book within your files, it will not be affected, and no plug-in or license will be needed for purchase to continue use.

We know, yet another monthly charge just to do your job. It sure seems frustrating! There are several workarounds out there, however. First you can use a legacy color book from older versions of Adobe Creative Suite® that uses LAB values. Another is to define spot colors in the Pantone Plus Series® that uses LAB values. Next, would be to replace Pantone® Plus with older Pantone® color books. The final way is to make older Pantone® libraries available for missing colors.

For a “step-by-step” on how to use any of these workarounds, please visit here.

Image 4 has implemented the plug-in, so all the Pantone® colors will appear in our client’s files. This still allows for accurate color management profiles and print outcomes for your graphics across our production platforms.