Beyond the Corporate Office: The New Landscape of Work and Workplace

By Image 4, posted on May 30, 2019

The SmithGroup team explains the the demise of the corporate office: the forces and disruptions that are redefining work and place.

Image 4's Insight

WeWork, Uber, AirBnb – it seems we are increasingly, and swiftly, shifting to a sharing economy. So, what does this mean for the traditional corporate workplace? The trend is leaning towards office spaces that are not contained within traditional boundaries of either commercial office building or corporate headquarters. The MadMen model where private offices ringed the perimeter and open interior space was reserved for administrative functions no longer exists, nor is it sustainable as a building type. Technology-driven organizations have disrupted many industries around the world and have liberated us from the constraints of physical office environments. Read more about how the extension of work environments beyond traditional corporate offices is affecting workplace design.

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