PROJECT: Brand Format Development, New Branch Brand Execution
CLIENT: Service Credit Union

One of America’s Largest Credit Unions Expands its Branch Network

Service Credit Union is expanding the retail branch network through New Hampshire and beyond. SCU contracted Image 4 to design the experiential brand elements of their latest branch in Concord, NH.

Project Services

  • Environmental Brand Format Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design Integration
  • Production
  • Installation

Project Overview

Image 4 has a long history of supporting the in-branch and out-of-home marketing programs for Service Credit Union.

For this new build, we integrated Brand Graphics with the “New Hampshire-centric” finishes (barn board, wood, and wood-grain laminates, granite-style counters) into a small, contemporary footprint. We localized the branch to the community via large-scale wallcovering murals and print images in the flex offices. We maintained the Brand on the wall behind the teller pods presenting SCU’s logo and values, and through custom-designed and printed privacy frost on the glass office walls.

Several years ago, Image 4 developed the 3-dimensional versions of SCU’s Brand Assets and the Experiential approach for all the branches. The concept is “modular” and “scalable” which allows us to rapidly design and brand a branch at nearly any scale. The star icon is core to our logo. The barn board treatment and granite counter reflect the New Hampshire landscape Blue is our corporate color. The “waves” as a design element provide interest, elegance, and a softer experience than plain window privacy frosting. Our coffee bar triples in functionality as a coffee station, a digital advertising platform, and a digital training area.

The entire design supports our other brand efforts, creating a unified brand presence across all our media.