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By admin, posted on August 24, 2017

30 Years of Creating Award-Winning Brand Experiences

Image 4 is an award-winning 3D Brand design agency headquartered in Manchester, NH. We specialize in integrating Brand design within the physical, real-world spaces of trade shows, banks and credit unions, specialty retail locations, and corporate and institutional environments. Visit our FAQ page for answers to some of our most frequent questions.

Who We Are

We are Makers. Image 4 is an integrated team of graphic, interior and experiential designers, project managers, fabricators and installers. We proudly offer all of the expertise you need under one roof.

We are Marketers. We know our industries well and can strategically respond to the challenges specific to financial services, trade shows, specialty retail, and corporate space design to enhance your Brand and grow your revenue.

We are Movers. We have more than 30 years’ experience with strategy, planning and the logistical management of implementing branding into physical space.

Comprehensive. No Surprises. On Time.

Never Blow your Budget or Miss a Deadline. Image 4’s experienced project managers can take care of everything from budget planning to program design, staffing, performance analysis and more.

Logistical Expertise. Our logistical expertise allows us to layout a clear plan for your success, with measurable milestones to track progress. When we say “No Surprises," we mean it: you can rest easy knowing you will get white glove service and a smooth roll out with Image 4.

Faster Results. With more than 30 years’ experience, we are ready to help optimize your Brand and set you up for success. Our professional team is outcome focused and will help you reach your goals quickly and more efficiently than you could alone.

It’s About The Experience®

Image 4 is not only skilled at delivering a physical “built" environment, we provide services that will help our clients be more efficient and effective in their face-to-face marketing. When it comes to adapting retail, bank & credit union, trade show and corporate & institutional spaces for the 21st century user, Image 4 is leading the way with:

Quick, Complete and Integrated Brand Solutions. We are expert at delivering complete solutions on budget and on time. Our team works quickly to transform an idea into a unique Brand experience in 3D that drives awareness and meets your goals.

In-House Expertise. Image 4 has all of the services you need under one roof, including design, fabrication, graphics production, logistics and project management. You get to maintain direct access and control across production and implementation.

White Glove Service. We understand union, building and zoning rules, so our staff knows how to get your project through red tape and work effectively with show labor, site managers, freight companies building inspectors, et. al.

Brand Strategy and Much, Much More! We don’t just build your project and walk away. We’re here to help you consistently improve your face-to-face marketing. That’s why we offer a number of specialized services that can fill any gaps on your teams.

How We Work

Our mission is to create the spaces that authentically connect people with each other and your Brand’s promise, capturing the value of physical, real world interaction with a business or organization and fostering Brand advocacy.

A Human-centric Approach. We take a human-centric, experiential approach to design that focuses on the customer’s emotional experience with the Brand in physical space.

Measuring Success. We work with each of our clients to understand their desired outcomes, clarify their parameters of success, and develop a plan for the journey that includes clear benchmarks along the way.

Complete Solutions. We offer full-service solutions to set up your project for success — from concept to implementation and analysis.

Scalable Framework. Our experienced team can take care of everything from budget planning to program design, staffing, performance analysis and asset management. Big projects are made from lots of small tasks, so the framework we use is scalable from the most simple to the most complex projects.

Environmental Sustainability

At Image 4, we design in a way to positively impact our environment and our world whenever possible. Around twenty-five percent of what we produce is built from sustainable materials. Our sustainability metrics are built into our process—and we’re always improving:

INC Magazine has called us “Greenest Exhibit Manufacturer in America.”

Event Marketing Magazine has lauded our environmentally-sustainable project approach.

We have a seat on the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association Board which created and implemented the trade show industry sustainability standards.

Corporate Responsibility

Image 4 strives to operate a business in which people, principles and profits are balanced and supportive goals. We feel this enhances our goal of corporate sustainability – a robust business in place for years, providing opportunities to enrich our community, staff and owners.

Our partners in this effort include the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund through our participation in the Vested for Growth Learning Partners and the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility via our membership and extensive activities.

Image 4 is proud to be one of a very few small businesses in America recognized by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for our creation and maintenance of an employee and family-friendly workplace.

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