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By admin, posted on November 2, 2017

Relax with Full-Service Project Management from Image 4

Choose Our Industry-Leading, White Glove Project Management to Stay on Track

Manage your budget and meet your deadlines! Let our experienced project managers support all phases of your project from budget planning to program design, staffing, performance analysis and asset management. All successful outcomes are the result of many small tasks and the framework we use is scalable from the smallest to the most complex. Image 4 Project Management services include:

  • Budget Planning – We help you create a project budget and meet it with watertight management. Our years of experience and ownership mentality assure you comprehensive budget control.
  • Program Design and SOW – Will your project fulfill its goals? Who is responsible for what? Our Project Managers bring decades of experience and our practiced methodology to your program, allowing us to develop effective program designs, and deliver a clear, measurable Scope of Work for all parties involved.
  • Project and Timeline Planning (GANTT, TOC) – See over the horizon. Plan for Success. Using Best Practice methodology, your Project Manager will help you develop project mileposts, follow up on action items, and initiate corrective action before the project runs off the rails.
  • Project Logistics [LINK] – Trust the Experts. Our team of Project Managers is expert and keeping multiple inputs and outputs moving toward a perfect conclusion. From loading docks to freight companies to installation windows to permitting, we’ve been there and done that.
  • Partner Management – We play well with others! One of Image 4’s Core Values is to align as part of the team you’ve developed to create a successful outcome for you. Our Project Management platform aids in project-wide communication of mileposts and requirements, and facilitates transparency and rapid course correction if needed.
  • Program Review and Reconciliation – At the end of the project, understand what worked and where future initiatives can be optimized: Image 4’s Continuous Improvement approach provides valuable analysis of your program and recovery/redeployment of physical assets.

The Image 4 Advantage

  • Decrease launch times: Project management with Image 4 can decrease your launch times, simplify decisions and changes, and deliver world-class outcomes, freeing you up to hit your next big mark.
  • Responsive solutions: All of our project managers work closely with Image 4’s in-house design, fabrication, and installation teams to deliver responsive solutions specifically created to solve your particular challenge.
  • Trusted guidance and Transparency throughout the design-production-implementation process.
  • On Budget, Every Time: Never blow your budget or miss a deadline. Image 4’s professional Project Managers and practiced methodology make sure you know where you are and how you are doing on your journey from Concept to Completion.

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Client Success Story:

Zumba Fitness Pop-Up Shop. Zumba asked Image 4 to develop an exciting branded retail environment for the 2012 Orlando Zumba Instructor conference. The 32,000 square foot space had to allow for hundreds of shoppers to find their desired products in a short time frame, while maximizing merchandising turns.

Image 4 designed the floor plot to manage the traffic flow, created custom display merchandising units and changing rooms, developed a queuing and cash-out strategy for 32 registers, produced graphics and signs, and installed the project.

Post-project analysis included evaluation of a variety of success metrics, and project modifications for the next event -only 3 months down the road!