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By admin, posted on November 2, 2017

Build, Measure and Maximize Your Trade Show Program

Event Suite: Success for Face to Face Marketing.

Start by making trade shows simple. Then, manage your human assets and costs. Finally, increase your sales pipeline with expert show marketing tools.

Image 4 Event Suite platform provides anytime, anywhere access for multiple approved users, real time data, dedicated project assistance, instant confirmations and an immediate “paper trail”. Contact us for a free program review and online demo. Trade Show management and marketing has never been easier!

Download our presentation deck and see how Event Suite can help increase your trade show ROI.

Event Suite Modules

Module 1. Asset Management

Effectively manage, deploy and store marketing assets before and after your trade show. Event Suite – Asset Module allows you to:

  • Keep track of what you have – exhibits, collateral, branded giveaways and more: 24x7x365.
  • Order new assets, know inventory, control releases and track down previously deployed assets
  • Control ordering authority, assign resources to budgets, manage by rep, department and line of business
  • Create show kits of hardware, graphics, collateral, giveaways – ready to ship to specific reps and shows

Module 2. Asset Management + Event Management

Now that your assets are under control, get your people and budgets controlled as well. Event Suite – Event Module expands your capabilities on top of Asset Module and allows you to:

  • Schedule shows, see overlapping conflicts, assign personnel resources
  • Log travel and lodging locations, schedules and costs and assign to personnel, department, LOB and more.
  • Manage Key Vendor resources for exhibit updates, graphic production, shipping, I&D
  • Choose and track key performance metrics to determine show-specific ROI
  • Enhance M&S department visibility and accountability through notifications, collaboration module, reporting functions – report up, down, sideways and out

Module 3. Asset Management + Event Management + Trade Show Marketing Management

Build, measure and maximize your trade show program with a module that includes our signature marketing management. Event Suite Program Platform adds marketing and marketing management tools:

  • Load digital content to be fulfilled at show-site at time of lead capture
  • Classify prospect value at point-of-contact; assign follow-up personnel real-time
  • Never rent a lead machine again! App-based lead capture with total field customization drops data directly to your own management platform – no messy imports or waiting until the show is over
  • Classify leads by show, rep, product line, lead quality and more. Easily import to Salesforce™ or other CRM
  • Full suite of metrics and reporting helps you prove show ROI
  • Optional Pre and post-show prospect contact via email and social – No Mystery lead development!

Benefits of Event Suite Software

  • Meet strategic goals and objectives for every event with automated reports and messaging
  • Effectively track every lead and easily import to Salesforce™ or other CRM
  • Understand your event ROI with a full suite of metrics and reporting
  • Easily manage inventory in multiple locations in real time
  • Turn around event materials in as little as 24 hours
  • Manage simultaneous events and know where your assets are at all times
  • Automate purchasing with enhanced control over ordering authority

The Image 4 Advantage

By combining data, digital and real-world 3D platforms for lead development and customer acquisition, we leverage multiple communications platforms to move your prospect through your “Path to Purchase" in an efficient, cost-effective way.

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