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By admin, posted on November 2, 2017

Concept & Creative Services for 3D Brand Marketing

Design Thinking | Outcome-Focused Solutions

Let Image 4 guide the concept and creative phases of your project, integrating our 3-Dimensional (3D) brand experience from the start. Knit together visual attraction, functionality and effective messaging with integrated experiential and environmental design.

Concept & Creative Services:

3D Project Concepting. We work with you to develop and refine a creative concept that will effectively capture your audience, influence their emotional response and inspire them to take action.

3D Experience Design. Great spaces produce great outcomes! Our design team will guide you through the decision process to develop a space that looks fantastic, feels great, and embodies your values and brand.

Brand and Message Hierarchy. Communicate elegantly and clearly. We tell your story and sell your products through clear and consistent brand presentation and messaging in your tradeshow exhibit, corporate space or retail location.

Graphic and Communications Design. From logos to wall murals to signage, our graphic designers use your brand elements to create beautiful, high-impact graphics that tell your story in words and images.

Structural Design and Fabrication. Our industrial design and fabrications teams work in tandem to create seamless, integrated 3D environments. From trade show exhibits to pop-up shops to entire corporate campus signage programs, your exhibits, signs and displays are meticulously fabricated and finished in our own shop.

The Image 4 Advantage

For over 30 years, Image 4 has designed and delivered more than 2,000 brand environments. Our focus on your visitor’s experience creates thoughtfully branded, immersive environments that connect with customers and deliver sales opportunities. You get trusted guidance from our team of experts who know the latest trends and techniques in 3D brand experience design and marketing.

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