San Diego, CA: Image 4 Sponsors Future Branches Conference

By JeffreyBaker, posted on December 2, 2016

Financial Institutions are transforming their branches from transaction hubs to spaces where customers can go for education, help managing complex banking issues, and especially where they can connect with bankers and products to help fulfill their life goals.

Image 4 will present our White Paper on Human-centric Experience Design, and will chair a panel exploring how customer demand is changing the physical design parameters of the bank branch.

About Future Branches

Future Branches explores how leading financial institutions are revamping branch technology, re-tooling front line associates, and creating the branch experience of the future.

Presented by WBR, an internationally acclaimed media and event production company, Future Branches brings together over 40 bank-side presenters with a carefully curated group of industry suppliers, delivering premium content and cutting edge information over three information-packed days.

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