By Tina Rutherford, posted on March 10, 2020

Healthcare Environments Designed to Comfort and Inspire

The health and well-being of your patients and staff is your priority.  Your space should reflect that. Patients and families often visit your office or facility at a state of heightened emotion – whether they are afraid, anxious, or excited. Use your space to instill confidence, well-being, and calm. When everything in sight reflects your unique values and and the culture of your organization and community, people feel valued, understood, and cared for.

We treasure and respect your story as our own. We’re experts in teasing out the most important, genuine story your organization can tell about itself. We tell it in a way that resonates with your visitors, patients, donors, and staff. Using 360° visual storytelling, we turn your facility into an authentic Brand experience.


Lobbies, and Public Spaces

Showcase your facility’s values in the areas where visitors first enter your facility. The experience these spaces deliver can set the tone for the overall experience with your institution. Can visitors and patients easily find what they need? Is the space calming? Does it instill a sense of safety and cultural understanding? We take the time to really understand you and your community so we can translate that to your environment.

Waiting Areas and Workspaces

Create waiting areas that instill a sense of comfort and satisfaction for patients and families. Provide employees with workspaces that meet their needs for privacy or collaboration while surrounding them with your Brand and inspiring them to live your values.

Donor Recognition

Prominently display the names of your donors and benefactors on beautifully designed installations to honor their important contributions. We choose just the right materials and presentation methodology to give them the special recognition they deserve.

Heritage Walls

What are the visuals and artifacts that frame your culture? We design and build compelling displays that bring them to life.


Health and Sustainability. We are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship and can specify materials that both stand up to the rigors of use in a healthcare environment as well as support healthy environment. We are experienced in supporting LEED building initiatives.

Traffic Analysis and Space Planning. Space should feel good, flow well, and support the functions you need to accomplish. Image 4 is adept at analyzing traffic and usage with an eye to optimizing your public and common spaces.

Interior Design and Lighting. We all want to be surrounded by a space that “feels good”. Colors, furnishings, finishes, and lighting are the alchemy of a space that feels good and functions well. We understand the importance of using the right light to set the mood for the space, from easing anxiety, and promoting healing, to increasing patient satisfaction.

Noise Control and Privacy.  Sounds within a space affect visitor perception, as well as the space value and usability. Especially in healthcare, privacy is a We are experts designing for noise control.

It’s About the Experience®

We build great experiences—and that includes the experience of working with us. Our health care and education clients particularly appreciate our:

  • Ability to tease out your authentic brand.We get excited about your story, and that allows us to unearth and realize its full potential.
  • Seamless vertical integration.We have everything we need to get your project done. That means we’re capable of historical research, artifact handling, photography, video production, scriptwriting, lighting design, painting, interviewing, wall-covering, technology integration, and even app development. In whatever way the project wants to come to life, we make it happen.
  • Expert project management.We employ full-time professionally trained project managers who run a tight ship and hold their teams to a high standard.

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