Trade Show Organizers Create More Impact Using Experience Design Methodologies

By Image 4, posted on April 10, 2019

Trade show organizers and meeting planners strive to create experiences for both attendees and exhibitors that will provide value and be memorable. Historically, events have been designed based on what organizers felt attendees needed but in recent years, some organizers have flipped that notion on its head.

Greg Bogue, chief experience architect at Maritz Global Events, believes it’s important to think about events differently and approach planning from the attendees’ perspective.

Image 4's Insight
Even trade show organizers are beginning to recognize the value of experience design. Using empathy to understand what attendees want and need at every turn reduces frustration, creates a better overall experience and keeps visitors engaged longer. Organizers increasingly allow attendees to create their own trade show experience by offering different tracks and a variety of delivery formats. By designing your own exhibit space to enhance that experience, you will help make the show a success not only for yourself but also for the future success of the show.
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