The Year Ahead: The Trade Shows of the Future

By Jeff Baker, posted on January 28, 2020

In a bid to differentiate themselves — or even just to survive — more trade shows will add B2C attractions or launch new services and experiences to improve relationships with their traditional B2B audience.

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As trade show attendance declines in the fashion industry, so do industry professionals’ evaluation of their relevance. Surveys show that brands and retailers alike are questioning the relevance of what was once a time-saving one-stop opportunity to decide on the next season’s styles. One core reason for this is that “fast” fashion seems to have gotten faster, and trade shows aren’t frequent enough to keep up. Still, trade shows are ingrained in the industry’s culture, so they’re not going anywhere soon—but they might start drawing different crowds. White Milano, for example, recently opened its doors to consumers to create an opportunity for passionate consumers and brands to connect. Is this where trade shows are headed? Time will tell.
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