The Advantage Of Harnessing Consumer Creativity

By Jeff Baker, posted on October 1, 2019

Watching TV or spending a week on a sandy beach is relaxing, but not fulfilling. Neither experience is involving, nor will we feel entertained and relaxed. How brands are finding new power in harnessing consumer creativity.


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Creative consumers are valuable. That’s because when they use social media, they share engaging visual images and stories about their lives—stories in which your brand could play a role. They also tend to be curious, taking the initiative to ask questions and learn about products. For this reason, high-profile brands, including Nike, are profiting from highly customizable products that invite creative consumers to make the product their own. Similarly, branded creative experiences—such as “Paul Smith’s Pink Wall,” which is a canvas for mobile photography—can catapult a brand into a coveted position of global visibility.

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