In Retail, Consumer Experience Is The New Location, Location, Location

By Jeff Baker, posted on December 18, 2019


Meaning is the heart of experience. Consumers are defining value for themselves and spending accordingly. Retail and consumer product marketing is moving to a responsive state, reacting to consumer demand for meaning.

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Smart retailers are diving headfirst into “experiential retail”—creating a sensory and cultural experience for customers. From Nike’s pop-up Re-Creation Center to Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery, these experiential retail campaigns have one thing in common: they’re vying for customers’ time, not just their money. Instead of just selling sneakers, Nike is inviting customers to learn together. Instead of just selling coffee, Starbucks is creating an immersive experience featuring small-batch blends and boutique roasting methods. These brands have noticed that modern consumers crave meaningful experiences, and they’re responding with visual merchandising, brand events, and delightful pop-up shops.

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