Council Post: Why Now Might Be The Best Time For An Entrepreneur To Start A Retail Business

By Jeff Baker, posted on January 28, 2020

Entrepreneurs can avail themselves of emerging technologies to supercharge customer acquisition and administrative functions at a fraction of what it cost previously.

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Think brick-and-mortar retail is burning to the ground? Think again. It’s simply developing a new landscape. While slow-moving retail giants are closing stores, exciting new opportunities are opening up for entrepreneurs. These opportunities are opening up thanks to newer and cheaper forms of physical space, the commoditization of administrative operations, a loosening of red tape for leasing tenants, and consumers’ rising demand for more immersive physical spaces. One case study is Camp North End in Charlotte, a former Ford plant that’s being reborn as a community startup featuring hot new retail spots. Las Vegas’ Downtown Container Park is another case study in innovative retail. See more in-depth analysis via Forbes Technology Council at the link.
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