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By admin, posted on November 2, 2017

Employee and Training Spaces that Inspire and Engage

Your employees are your most valuable assets. Help them perform and grow with spaces optimized for performance and comfort. No matter your style, your back office areas can nurture creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

Image 4 takes into consideration your culture, your work styles, your staffing levels and more to design, furnish and décor the places where your people make your organization come to life.

We design:

Executive Areas: Senior managers, executives and corporate boards often require space designed for unique administrative uses. Image 4 designers are expert at understanding the needs of space use and decor in these special corporate areas.

Common Areas: Lunch rooms, lounges, creative brainstorming areas bring people together to exchange ideas.

“Hoteling” Offices: Guest, sales and “hot swap" offices are all opportunities to present your Brand, welcome out-of-area visitors, and reinforce your culture with flex-work colleagues.

Training and Innovation Spaces: Training is a critical component of corporate development. Brainstorming, post-action analysis, and strategy sessions are core functions. These activities call for custom-designed areas to support the work, from wall-sized whiteboards or digital paper to unique seating and workstations to projection and conference technology. Image 4 will analyze your tasks, style and budgets, and design a space that empowers the activities therein.

Customized solutions for your workstyle and culture: From silent retreat spaces to mother’s rooms to a telescope observation tower, Image 4 has created solutions for institutional and corporate needs for 30 years.

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