Project Brief

  • 3,000 sq ft Exhibition

Services Provided

  • Content Development and Visual Presentation
  • Curation of Artifacts
  • Integrated Design
  • Museum-Grade Fabrication

Project Overview

The New Hampshire National Guard commissioned Image 4 to design and build an exhibition space in the brand new Edward Cross Training Complex (ECTC) in Pembroke, NH. This nine-month project was a life-changing experience for all of us at Image 4. 

This project ended up drawing on all of our expertise, touching every department of our company and utilizing every service we offer. Beginning with the overall theme and storyline development, feeding into the physical design of the space and visual elements, and finally building the components in our shop, our team carefully considered every aspect to bring this compelling narrative to life. The full 20-person team for this project included writers, artists, archivists, craftspeople, and a military historian. 

Through extensive research, we discovered profound and long-forgotten stories of individual Citizen Soldiers and the new space showcases the stories of over fifteen of these brave men and women from 1623 to today. Many other stories are told through the use of eight interactive iPad kiosks.

We all feel deeply privileged to have contributed to this project. Image 4 would like to thank the New Hampshire National Guard members and staff for their invaluable assistance in accessing archives, researching records, and more. Without their insight, this project would not have been as compelling. Read more about this project in our blog post.