New Hampshire Hospital Presents 200 Years of Mental Health Care.

New Hampshire Hospital recently opened a brand new facility to address the needs of emotionally and behaviorally challenged citizens. As part of the interior design project, Image 4 was asked to develop a presentation of the story of mental health care in our State, and the contributions of care professionals within the Hospital.

The project had to be designed to be completely visually accessible by patients, families and care staff, yet could not be physically accessible.

We used artifacts from the Hospital’s collection, from gifts from patients and care givers, and a variety of historical records in both physical and graphic form. We then developed an app which deployed on touchscreens next to the display, as well as throughout the Hospital facility. The app offers a more detailed look at how society cares for our challenged members.

This project has been a tremendous success and Image 4 is proud to have been a part of it.