LIDS Super Bowl XLVI Brand-Immersive Pop-up Shop

PROJECT: Super Bowl XLVI Brand-Immersive Pop-up Shop

The Big Game demands a Big Pop-up Shop

LIDS scored with this 25,000sf immersive Brand environment that was the talk of Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. From throwing games to Madden, to trivia contest and massive merchandising count, the LIDS Fan Experience exceeded all expectations.


  • Experience Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Production
  • Fixture Fabrication
  • Installation

Project Overview

When we heard LIDS’ goal of creating the largest pop-up store in the history of retail events, Image 4 was all in! And with our years of expertise in experiential and event-focused retail, we knew just what to do with a 25,000 sq ft space that would create a memorable experience for fans and boost LIDS’ sales.

Our team created a master “experience map” for the event, considering and optimizing every consumer interaction with the brand. Alongside LIDS’ merchandising team, Image 4 wove together displays, interactive games (the largest Madden game ever created), and both historical and contemporary imaging to deliver the Big Game experience Super Bowl XLVI ® demanded.

Image 4’s graphic design group not only created over 700 unique graphics for the project, we sourced images from historic games, from NFL archives, and from teams in all leagues. The image library was deployed through the space to unify the experience, and to distract the visitor from the legacy finishes in the mothballed retail space.

To engage families, Image 4 designed a series of simple and fun interactives – throwing games, trivia contests, cornhole competitions and more. Bespoke merchandise presentation units were fabricated to hold the over 15,000 pieces of merchandise available in the store, and to present custom-embroidered merchandise.

To draw shoppers to the second-floor location, Image 4 created a “feature installation” of a 4-story, 60-foot long “hat sculpture” through which visitors rode the escalator to the pop-up shop. With only 2 weeks from the playoff Big Game itself, we chose to use colored lighting to create the atmosphere for each team area – Red for Patriots, Blue for Eagles.

Shopper turnout far exceeded expectations, sales exceeded plan, and in-store and in-brand immersion times were more than triple an average retail dwell time. Read more in our project brief, read our full case study about this exciting project, or, read the article in Event Marketer Magazine (formerly Event Design).