Project Brief

  • 20×20 Award-winning experiential retail environment

Services Provided

  • Environment Design
  • Fabrication
  • Logistics Planning

Project Overview

Working with agency GYK-Antler we developed a complete touring program including shoe presentation, video content, runway show and experiential “try it before you buy it” program for potential customers.

This pop-up shop features a 16-foot wide lighted wall on which the new shoe product line “floats”. Overhead signs and clean, black-and-white graphics set the scene without detracting from the “product as hero” strategy.

At each stop on the tour, the “Runway Show” is uniquely designed so models walk up and down a 3-dimensional runway, rather than across a flat surface. This brings the product into the viewer’s line of sight, as well as connecting the customer to a real life experience in which she would wear the shoes. After the show, customers were encouraged to experience the shoe’s beneficial feel and support features for themselves by traversing a multi-surface walkway. Read more in our  complete case study here.