Project Brief

  • 40×60 exhibit environment
  • 3-day show in Cologne, Germany
  • Purchased trade show exhibit

Services Provided

  • Design and Fabrication Service
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Asset Management Service

Project Overview

Boston area IT systems manufacturer CASA Systems needed a rapid, cost-effective, and high-end exhibit design project to deploy at their major industry conference in Cologne, Germany. CASA chose to purchase the exhibit as part of a ten-year investment in high-visibility marketing.Image 4 designed, fabricated, implemented graphics and technology presentation for this complex 40 x 60 exhibit environment. CASA and Image 4 staff installed the exhibit in Cologne over three days – integrating a full server/network/monitor/IT suite, air conditioned conference rooms, demo stations and high visibility structure.

When the show ended, Image 4 packed the exhibit and along with other client exhibit assets entered them into our storage system. Cleaning and light refurbishment makes the exhibit “Release-Ready” for future marketing and sales events.