By admin, posted on November 2, 2017

Is your Institution Ready for the Omni-Channel World?

“Banking Past" Meets “Banking Future"

Start the conversation on a device or ATM. Offer information and transactions. Gather data, and extend the conversation to the 3D world with a seamless transfer to the experts in your branch. Banks and Credit Unions are refreshing their understanding of customer interaction and accommodating all styles of interaction with their Brand.

As consumers adopt virtual methods of information gathering, shopping and money management, the design of the experience with the Brand becomes critical.

Image 4 offers a unique approach to multi-platform, omni-channel integration that is rooted in human behavioral science. Our Omni-channel integration, design and deployment approach moves your customers and members from visitors to Brand Advocates.

An Omni-channel Design Program from Image 4 delivers:

  • Culture to Brand. Image 4 consults with your team to distill the unique parts of your company’s culture and form that into a tangible, actionable Brand program.
  • Brand to Customer. In a world where transactions are enabled by technology, brands risk losing touch with their customers – resulting in “churn”” and lost revenue. Image 4 designs and delivers powerful, customer-aligned brand positioning and design execution on all your platforms – digital or virtual.
  • Virtual and Real. User Experience is the new competitive advantage. When your Brand delivers a unified experience across customer touchpoints, your customers enjoy low-friction, high-value functions, from daily transactions to important life-changing financial interactions. Image 4 consultants will research, model and suggest how to optimize the User Experience throughout your bank or Credit Union.
  • App Development to Immersive Branded Environment. Once the foundation for success is laid, Image 4 and our partners can produce deliverables that bring to life the Omni-channel Experience, from technology interfaces to entire branch designs.
  • Integrated Project or A la Carte. Not every institution needs a ground-up solution. Image 4 is always ready to offer our support for sub-projects and mini-programs anywhere along your journey to becoming an Omni-channel institution.

Start by checking out the health of your Brand!

Take our Aligned Brand Self Test to see if you can authentically and consistently communicate your Brand message.

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Client Success Story:

Dime Bank. Dime Bank, one of the oldest Savings and Loan Associations in Connecticut, contracted Image 4 to refresh and energize their branch channel. Dime management invested significant time with Image 4 principals exploring customer trends, behaviors and the competitive landscape.

Image 4 developed an integrated program of brand and merchandising design, creative content, digital content and apps. Our production facility delivered a complete branch refreshment program as well as a simple, fresh digital sales platform.

Dime Bank is acquiring new customers, and is measuring higher levels of existing customer perception and satisfaction, while streamlining the physical branch network and adding new branch locations in a wider market area.