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By admin, posted on November 2, 2017

Brand to Branch™. Immersive Brand Experience in the Branch Channel.

Evoke Your Unique Brand, Maximize Branch Channel Opportunities

Today’s branch traffic is less about transactions than valued interactions. In-branch visits are your opportunity to develop lifetime customer and member value, while cementing loyalty to your unique values and Brand.

Image 4 has helped financial institutions for nearly 30 years discover their Brand value, optimize their branch networks, and deliver services in the right place for their customers.

Brand to Branch services include:

  • Brand Discovery and Development. As financial services transitions to digital-forward, your Brand needs updating and refreshing. Image 4 has years of experience finding and bringing out the unique Brand Attributes of your institution. Our consultants work closely with your team and market community to discover, refine and develop your new name and positioning. We’re experienced in working with your BOD and leadership team – applying a powerful methodology and clear roadmap to your unique challenge
  • Brand Immersion Strategy. Present your unique Brand in the marketplace. We work closely with your team to investigate, discover and distill your Brand essence. We combine experiential, spatial, industrial, and graphic design to amplify Brand visibility across channels and boost Brand affinity.
  • Branch Optimization. Optimize your branches for an intuitive customer experience. Using your Brand Immersion Strategy as a blueprint, we work with you to optimize branch spaces to facilitate both intuitive, low-friction customer transactions (in-branch integration of digital technology) and complex face-to-face interactions.
  • Omni-Channel Integration. Bridge the gap between banking future and banking past. Omni-channel integration aligns your physical and digital channels, assuring clear, consistent Brand presentation, optimized customer experience and clear product presentation.
  • Space Planning, Interior Design. Optimize and transform your workspace for today’s Universal Banker and customer interactions. Welcoming, comfortable branches are visited more often by more members and customers, enhancing Brand connection and product placement opportunities.
  • Project Management. Minimize customer disruption and launch on-time. Image 4’s highly experienced project managers are with you every step of the way to manage the build and launch process.
  • Production and Installation. Imagine a branch project where everything fits, looks fantastic, and is completed on time. We own the machines and employ the installers who create your branch environment. Image 4 has been working in branches for nearly 30 years. You can rely on our team to launch your refresh or new branch program on time and perfectly.

The Image 4 Advantage

A Comprehensive Support Team for Financial Institutions. Create a modern, compelling and integrated space with our integrated team of experts – all under one roof. Image 4 can help you execute your bank branch transformation or new branch concepts – including co-branded spaces, signature, and micro- branches.

We are Experienced in Hundreds of Branch Renovations and Updates and understand the latest technology trends in banking. To your benefit we are also technology agnostic and not committed to one particular product or supplier. Our design team can help separate the buzzwords from a technology’s true value.

Our Holistic Approach brings together all aspects of the experience to amplify Brand visibility across channels.

It is Easy to Partner with Us! We work with your architects and internal teams to rejuvenate your space, minimizing disruption to customers. Our Banks & Credit Unions Team is LEED accredited and ready to work alongside the architects designing your build.

We are 30-year Experts at Federal Compliance.

Start by checking out the health of your Brand!

Take our Aligned Brand Self Test to see if you can authentically and consistently communicate your Brand message.

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Client Success Story:

MembersFirst Credit Union. Long an established local credit union in Manchester, NH, MembersFirst took the decision to expand outside the city. Their first new location in decades, the Bedford, NH branch was also an upscale demographic – right on a major traffic artery in a major shopping plaza.

Working with their architect and marketing team, Image 4 explored the root values of the Credit Union, created designs and messaging that translated into the new marketspace, and updated the Brand presentation for the beautiful “mini-branch”.

Bright colors, clean details, metallic and wood design elements all merge to create a space that resonates with the suburban visitor. Hot-swap offices were decorated to employee tastes, and privacy was managed with glass privacy film designs. Artifacts from the Credit Union’s history are displayed in a contemporary timeline behind an open, circular multi-function service area.

MembersFirst is enjoying a new demographic, increased deposits and loan instruments, and presents a solid, memorable presence in the new market.

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