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The Experience is All About Our People

We honor craftsmanship and diversity. Not only are we strategists, designers, fabricators, installers and project managers, we’re parents and spouses, friends and family. We are auto racers, gamers, musicians, adventurers, pet lovers, tea drinkers, sports fans and so much more. At Image 4, every craftsperson has a voice and contributes to our ideas and success. Meet the leaders committed to bringing your Brand to life:

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jeffrey Baker, President and Creative Director

Founder, Consultant, Coach, Stats Guy and Businessman. Jeff leads by example, tells our stories – and our client’s stories, keeps his steady hand on the rudder. He can run a process map or financial model in his head while talking to a client, and yet still jump in and mitre a joint or hang a wall-covering with the best of us! He’s the “yes” man, because he believes in all of us and our ability to create awesome projects. Jeff’s one of our musicians (an All Ireland Flute champion), an accomplished auto racer, and still having fun helping his clients grow their own businesses through the 30 years of Image 4.

Elizabeth Hummel, Vice President of Operations

Spiritual leader, Fashion Maven, Creative, and Counselor. Liz is Master of our 3-ring circus, elegantly weaving our departments, supplier partners and clients together in a well-tuned symphony. Which is appropriate as she also is an accomplished flute player. Liz has a smile and just the right words for everyone while knowing just how much to kick butt to keep things moving! In her 16 years with Image 4, she has led our Built Environment division to great accomplishments, and gets our clients’ juices flowing with her tremendous brainstorming and concepting abilities. Lest you think she’s a shrinking violet, Liz is a championship racer and performance driving coach in her Miata.

Dave Newell, Senior Project Coordinator

Daddy Dave, Photoshop Genius, the Strong Silent type, the Killer Beer maker. Dave’s been with us for 26 years. We figure he must like it! When you need something done, managed to a T, with no drama and a sense of humor, Dave’s your guy. He won’t tell you, but every person here looks up to him for his experience, knowledge and ability to recall a job from 1997 and tell you where the files are! If it’s Photoshop, he knows it – he’s been using it since Rev2.0. Dave still remembers how images looked on film, and along with Jeff, sets the standards for our industry-leading quality program. Dave has a process for everything from a fine Ale, to getting a trade show booth on the show floor.

Heather Lynn, Senior Graphic Designer

Punk Rocker, Illustrator Maven, Cat Whisperer, all around Renaissance Woman. There’s nothing in Illustrator that Heather hasn’t tried – she’s pushed ALL the buttons! Lighting fast, meticulously accurate, and genuinely sweet, Heather leads our Design department with a sense of love, respect, example and determination to create the best work for our clients. She’s Mom to several extremely lucky cats, and is yet another of our musical coworkers.

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