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Connect with customers. Enhance your Brand. Tell your story. Sell your products. If your organization engages with your constituents face-to-face, the space in which that happens affects the interaction. Manage that interaction in YOUR space.

It’s About the Experience®

Image 4 is your 3D Brand Experience Agency, expert at delivering integrated, immersive brand experiences in the physical world, on-time and on-budget. Create brand affinity, product awareness and face-to-face connection to drive sales, increase customer retention and own mindshare in your market.

We are the industry leader for branding and marketing in the real world.

We provide a full range of services to bring your Brand to life, from concept to installation and everything in between. Explore Image 4’s 3D branded environment solutions for banks and credit unions, tradeshow spaces, pop-up shops and corporate and institutional environments:

Quick, Complete & Integrated Brand Solutions.

If you meet your customer face-to-face, Image 4 can help. We bring 30 years of 3D design and build experience to sales and marketing in the real world: in banks and credit unions, at trade shows, in unique retail locations, and in corporate and institutional environments across the country.

An Integrated Team, All Under One Roof.

30 years of Brand-building experience ready to support your program. From Brand and Product presentation strategy and Experience Design, to Environment Design, Fabrication and Implementation, we work with your team to maximize your business opportunities and customer connections.

Brand Strategy and Much, Much More.

Once your program is launched, we’re here to help improve your customer connections and program effectiveness with a variety of marketing support services.