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File Submission Guidelines

Download this PDF for the latest information on the type of files we accept, how to set up those files for our printers, and how to deliver those files to us for printing or fabrication.

Image 4 Presentation Decks

Download these presentations to learn more about Image 4 and our work.

Image 4 Corporate Overview

Image 4 Exhibit Design Deck

Image 4 Tradeshow Display Rental Deck

Image 4 "Road Warrior" Event Products Deck

Image 4 Financial Branding/Environmental Design Deck

Image 4 Corporate Interiors and Branding Deck

Image 4 Popup Shop Deck


Tradeshow Marketing

The exhibit industry is neatly covered by the tremendous resource available at Exhibitor Magazine:

We are members of, and active participants in, the industry's premiere trade group, Exhibit Designers and Producers Association:

Our premiere portable and modular exhibit partner is Classic Exhibits of Portland, OR. We are proud to be among Classic's oldest dealers:


Event Marketing

Thanks to the endless energy of Dan (the Man!) Hanover, if it's happening in the Event industry, you can learn about it at the tremendous site:


Financial Marketing

The financial industry is experiencing rapid change at all points of customer interface, from the use of data and one-to-one sales, to the redesign and rationalization of the branch channel, to the inevitable change brought by the adoption of the digital channel. Keep up, learn, and become pro-active in your institution with these resources:

New England Financial Marketing Association

Financial Brand


Corporate and Institutional Environmental Design

For a state-of-the-art look at Environmental Design, visit the Society for Experiential Graphic Design:


Retail Design

We are members and Board participants in the Retail Design Institute. For a look at the evolving practice of Retail Design, visit



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