Image 4 Curates Your Constituents'                                                                                                     Experience in Your Brand

For over 30 years, we've designed and delivered Brand Environments - the places where people connect, engage, acquire and work.

Our "Human-centric" experiential approach creates thoughtfully branded, experientially-immersive environments that connect with customers, develop brand advocates, ennervate employees, and deliver sales opportunities.

Culture Counts!

Our design solutions begin with our understanding of your organizational culture. We discover and deliver findings that help our clients communicate their brand with authenticity.

Authentic brands enjoy competitive advantage through the passionate support and advocacy of their customers, employees, board members and communities.

Brand-centric Design

Image 4 then designs brand elements - marketing messaging, signs, displays, exhibits and even complete building programs - which resonate with these constituents, and enhance connections to your brand in the built environment.

Our expertise includes bank and credit union design, trade show exhibit and event design, pop-up shops, boutique and specialty retail design, and corporate space design. Because we are marketers, our approach embeds your brand values and icons into the space, and tells your story.

We are Makers

Image 4 is an integrated team of graphic, interior and experiential designers, project managers, fabricators and installers. By bringing the entire team together under one roof, we create a "no finger pointing" atmosphere that speeds your launch times, simplifies decisons and changes, and delivers world-class outcomes - to your budget, on your deadline.

Image 4

How we Do It

"If you don't know where you're going, how do you know when you've gotten there?"

While it is often nice to enjoy a journey, effective brand presentation needs a destination. And like any complex journey, having mileposts along the way assures you that you’re still on the right path or allows you to get back on track quickly.

As both a creative and execution organization, Image 4 has a robust methodology honed through thousands of projects and years of practice. We simply call it Realization. It starts by working with our clients to understand and clarify their desired outcomes, their parameters of success, and developing a plan for the journey.

We then align your parameters to our proven mileposts and away we go! The framework we use is scalable from the most simple of projects – say a bannerstand – to the most complex projects we design involving thousands of deliverables over multiple locations with many people and stakeholders. Our practiced methodology is your assurance of an aligned project with great outcomes.

We Care.

At Image 4, we design in a way to positively impact our environment and our world whenever possible. Around twenty-five percent of what we produce is built from sustainable materials. Our sustainability metrics are built into our process—and we’re always improving.

INC Magazine called us “Greenest Exhibit Manufacturer in America.” Event Marketing Magazine has lauded our environmentally-sustainable project approach. We have a seat on the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association board which created and implemented the tradeshow industry sustainability standards. Our USGBC LEED accredited staff are trained in the latest approaches to project sustainability in the built environment.

True sustainability starts with a life-cycle approach. We drive that down into design, materials and fabrication. We’re always educating ourselves on new and sustainable building techniques, creative recycling methods, and ways to extend the value of our clients’ past or current assets.

We measure and adjust our accomplishments through the internationally-recognized Sustainability Management System.

To discuss how we create a sustainable solution together, contact us today. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Image 4 strives to operate a business which is thoughtful of all stakeholders and one in which people, principles and profits are balanced and supportive goals. We feel this enhances our goal of corporate sustainability – a robust business in place for years, providing opportunities to enrich our community, staff and owners.

Our partners in this effort include the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund through our participation in the Vested for Growth Learning Partners; and the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility via our membership and extensive activities.

Image 4 is proud to be one of a very few small businesses in America recognized by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for our creation and maintenance of an employee and family-friendly workplace.




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